It has been a long time since I’ve updated my website. I apologize for neglecting it for so long.

That having been said, I have lots of exciting news to share!

First of all, I have released a new edition of my first book, A Little Company. Because I am using a different publisher, I have changed the title to In the Deep North Woods… definitely more descriptive, don’t you think? The inside text had been edited/ revised, and there is a new cover.

Also new, hot off the presses, is my first (and probably only) book of poetry. It’s called Poems of a High School Loser: A Collection of Bad Poetry 1988-1990. I decided to do this on a whim, when I unearthed two scrapbooks containing dozens of poems I wrote back when I was a socially awkward teenager. As much as times have changed, I think teens today still feel the same frustrations, the pain of rejection, and the need to “belong.”  

My books Tricked and Finding My Father are temporarily unavailable. I’m working on transferring Tricked to a new publisher. As for Finding My Father, I’m working on adding a few new chapters, as much has transpired in the seven years since the book came out.

If I may brag a little, I recently had my short story, Cinnamons, published in a new horror ezine! Coffin Bell bills itself as “a journal of dark literature.” I knew right away that it would be the perfect venue for my dark, disturbing short stories! I am so very honored to have been included in their second issue, alongside so many other talented writers!

Keep checking back for updates on book signings and personal appearances. I look forward to meeting my readers this spring and summer!