It's been a couple of years since I updated my website. Many apologies for the delay. My personal life and health has not been the greatest. BUT...

The good news is that 2017 looks to be a brighter year, both personally and professionally! 

My Life With Cats is a very personal memoir that I didn't know I had in me. It took reading other local author's animal-related books to convince me that this was a project I NEEDED to write! Not just to tll heartwarming cat stories, but to draw attention to other issues, like animal cruelty and the feral cat epidemic. 

I still want to publish my children's book, Too Many Kitties, which has been done for two years!!! (I just can't find the right illustrator... Grrr!!!) Also, I'm working on one adult general fiction novel, plus a Young Adult drama/ psychological thriller. and trying to put together a short story anthology. In other words, this may not be the last you'll hear from me in 2017! 

Please keep checking my upcoming events and appearances page. I love meeting my faithful readers in person and signing books for them!

I welcome any and all feedback from those of you who have read my books. Amazon reviews are always good, even if they're bad! Please send correspondence to:

Many Thanks,

Holly Gaskin

Here's a cute video of two of the kitties featured in my new book, My Life With cats. Jinx and Milo invent a new sport... Enjoy!