About Holly Gaskin

   Holly  Gaskin was born Holly Elizabeth Cordova in Seattle, WA  on January 31, 1972. She moved to the east coast (Mom was homesick!) when she was just a year old, growing up on the East End of Long Island.

   Holly began her creative writing career in second grade when she composed her first poem, entitled The Talking Horse. She continued to develop her writing skills throughout elementary school, filling up notebooks with original short stories, plays and mini-novels. Her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Kraacke, predicted that Holly would one day write The Great American Novel. Well, that hasn't happened... yet!

   In junior high, Holly received meaningful encouragement from her English teacher, Mrs. Lois Dunn. They keep in contact to this day.

   While in high school, Holly was on the staff of the MHS literary magazine, Expressions. Her poems and short prose won many awards., as voted on anonymously by her peers. She also submitted occasional articles to the school newspaper, The MattiTalk, and wrote comedic skits  for the annual high school variety show.

   Holly published her first novel, A Little Company, through Outskirts Press in 2007. In 2009, she followed it up with a Young Adult book, Tricked, also an Outskirts publication. In 2011, she released a memoir, Finding My Father: A Search For the Truth in the Face of Alzheimer's. In early 2017, she released a book of cat tales entitled, My Life With Cats: True Stories of Real Cats Who Left Paw Prints on my Heart. She's had short stories included in three different anthologies.

   Holly Gaskin currently lives in Watertown, NY, with her two kitties, Jinx and Milo. She is a radio personality at a popular country radio station and also works in a bookstore.