My husband, Pete, had the good fortune to get through to Dov Baron's "The Accidental Guru" radio talk show the other day. He and Dov, a professional motivational speaker, author and "world leader in advanced personal excellence education," have struck up a friendship of sorts via the internet. Dov's guest that day was NY Times Best-selling author Peggy McColl. She writes how-to books on job success, attracting wealth, etc. She also is a professional mentor for authors.

Long story short, Pete told them about my books and my struggles in marketing them. Peggy gave us lots of GREAT advice, and she also extended an invitation to a book launch party for her latest book, Viral Explosions. It covers the topic of using the internet to make your business (or in my case, my book) wildly successful via the web. The party is in Ottawa at a Chateau-style hotel. Besides Peggy, there will be an array of musicians, a magician a hypnotist... sounds like it's going to be part party & part Cirque de Soleil! LOL...

The following day, we will be attending an all-day seminar, featuring 13 speakers. They are all highly successful Power People, ranging from best-selling authors to life coaches to a social media expert. Dov challenged Pete and I to utilize all that we learn at the seminar and to take action, or he will kick our butts! We are to report back to him in a couple of months for a follow-up report. No pressure THERE, eh??

I am soooo excited, and happy to be able to share this with my wonderful husband... I'm sure Pete will learn a lot too. He can learn new ways to get his instruments out into the world, and into the hands of musicians who will appreciate his craftsmanship.

BTW... This will be the FIRST TIME I have ever been out of the country. What a way to kick-start my globe-trotting adventures!!

Be Well & Be True,