Had a great time at the River's End Book Store in Owego, NY yesterday. It was officially billed as "An Afternoon of Horror." This was a multi-author event, also attended by fellow authors Joseph Sweet, Nancy Henderson and a very interesting new acquaintance, Alycia Ripley. She'd just returned from a book tour in Australia. Now THERE'S something to aspire to! She was able to share lots of revelations about the publishing industry and the constant flow of changes in this digital age. Actually, I think we ALL learned a lot from each other. Bill, the owner of the book store, did a great job mediating the open forum-style Q&A. It was nice to have such a responsive and attentive audience, which included some aspiring authors. It's a giant honor to be in a position to give advice! There was hot and cold apple cider, colorful cupcakes and homemade cookies for all to enjoy. I purchased a book called The Zen of Social Media Marketing, by Shama Hyder Kabani, which promises to be a valuable tool for promoting my books and this website. Much reading, learning and work to do!