Nothing like a good, long vacation to get you all discombobulated. Never mind the scurrying around the airports, navigating unfamiliar roads in a rental car in heavy summer traffic, and watching your money disappear in a sea of restaurant meals and souvenirs... Throw in a 20-year high school reunion for good measure and see how surreal your world becomes!! Yes, it was wonderful to get out to Long Island and see people I've not seen (not counting Facebook) in a million years. So very interesting to see who came and who did not come, and to learn where they all are now.

   But that's whole other book in itself! The whole reason for my subject line is: sometimes I'm not sure WHERE my home is? Is it "where you hang your hat"? Is it "where the heart is"? What if your heart is in more than one place? Do we all end up in the place where we belong?

   You'll have to excuse me. I'm just in a ponderous mood.
   I don't know if it's "home," but it'll feel good to sleep in my own bed tonight!