My husband and I both participated in the First Annual Cheddar Cheese Festival in Adams, NY on Saturday. Together, we are "Woods and Words"... Pete is a luthier (builder of stringed instruments), and I, of course, am a wordsmith. Pete had one of his finished ukuleles on display, as well as a partially assembled work-in-progress. He kept busy sanding and filing a neck throughout the day. So many people stopped to ask, in complete shock and awe: "You BUILT that?!?", pointing at the handsome tenor uke. Yup.

Me, I sold quite a few books! My first book, A Little Company, outsold my second, Tricked by more than 2X. Interesting. I think Shane Tyree's cover scares some people!! LOL... Anyway, "word of mouth" is definitely circulating about the ebook. Many people asked about it. I'm so excited! Lots of folks grabbed mt business card as well. Hopefully my site will get increasing traffic.

ALSO, I will soon announce more local stores where my books will be available for sale. Stay tuned...

Thank you all for your support so far. I appreciate it!!