I had a great day in Clayton, NY yesterday at the 1,000 Islands museum. I was invited to participate in a book signing by April Ingerson, who's just a sweet and delightful lady! Besides myself, other authors in attendance were Louise Ford, Audrey Lashomb, Matt Turcotte and Skip Couch. (Rex Ennis unfortunately had to pull out of the event due to the death of a cousin.) People traffic was a little slow, but all of us managed to sell some books that day. I sold four copies of "Finding My Father" and one copy each of "Tricked" and "A Little Company." I met some really nice people, heard some interesting stories about Grindstone Island from Audrey and Louise and enjoyed many hilarious anecdotes as related by April! And the free pizza was yummy!

Next up, the Lowville Library, next Saturday. Come one, come all!