As always, it was great to get out to Old Forge for their annual Book Fair. There were about 15 other authors there, including Marcus J. Mastin and Nancy Lee Canfield. We were in a new location, under a big tent downtown, on the front lawn of a motel there. This worked out well for us. We got a lot of foot traffic, which was surprising for a Wednesday! It was a nice weather day, too, until a half hour before the event was scheduled to end. Then it started thundering and downpouring! Ah, well. Sold a few books, chatted with lots of interesting folks and got a free lunch out of it, so I was happy!

Next up: Clayton, NY at the Hawn Memorial Library. This is an evening event, held from 6-8PM, with a variety of authors stationed throughout the building. I expect to see some familiar faces and quite a few new ones. Hope I'll see you there!