There's crazy-busy, when you're running yourself ragged and you're driving yourself into a hole in the ground in a seemingly fruitless effort just to keep up with the demands your schedule (or your own demanding mind) imposes on you.

Then there is good-busy, where your schedule may be jam-packed, but you are happy, exhilarated, even... doing what you love to do and making progress, even though you may be literally running all over the map! I much prefer good-busy to crazy-busy!

That said, what a wonderful, crazy-busy weekend it was! I had book signings in Clayton, Watertown and Inlet, NY. I sold a few books (actually, 10 in Inlet!) and made many new friends... among them, Nancy Lee Canfield and Constance Watkins, fellow writers, as well as storyteller Lynn Morgan. I also got to reconnect with author friends like Marcus Mastin, Hope Marston and David Pitkin. There are lots of pics in my Facebook album "Busy Weekend." If you have not "liked" my "Can This Author Make It In One Year?" page, please take time to click on it and check it out!

As I mentioned in my last blog, there will be a new website coming soon, devoted to my ebook and the ongoing story of "Finding My Father." I hope to have it up by week's end!

Thanks you, devoted readers and fans for your continued support!