I love this time of year! I adore the fall foliage, especially the bright, vivid yellows, as the trees prepare to shed their summer clothing in exchange for the dull nakedness of winter. This all-too-brief, in-between period is nature at its most gorgeous. Add to that, the pumpkins that crop up for sale everywhere from the local farms to the grocery stores, the attraction of the cider mill that is only open for a few short months every year, the aisles of colorful Halloween costumes in every department store (not to mention all the candy that goes on sale!) and the spray-painted signs screaming out: "HAY RIDES!" "HAUNTED HOUSE!" and "CORN MAZE!" and it's like a seasonal buffet of the best the world has to offer.

Speaking of the cider mill, that's where I will be tomorrow. Burrville Cider Mill, from noon- 2PM. Hopefully, the hungry after-church crowd will take notice of me and my books, as they line up to buy donuts, cider, apple butter, maple syrup and scented candles. It's always busy there!

I am even more excited about my upcoming appearance at the Adams Free Library on Saturday, October 30. I will get to read to kids from "Tricked," and I plan on making the event as interactive as possible. I'll have free goodie bags to hand out, and the library will provide donuts and cider.

By this time next year, I plan on having another locally-set Halloween-oriented kids' book out there, so I can continue to celebrate my favorite time of year to its very fullest!!