I had a very enjoyable time at the Lowville Free Library this past Saturday. It was fun hanging out with author friends like Marcus Mastin and Joseph Sweet and meeting new writers, like Dave Andalora. I also had fun chatting with Dawn from the library. I didn't realize who she was when I talked with her on the phone to book my appearance, but it turns out we have met before, via my job at the radio station. We have a friend in common. You know what they say about "six degrees of separation!"
The most exciting thing that happened during this authors' fair was selling a copy of "Tricked" to a teacher by the name of "Mrs. S." She's going to put it in her sixth grade classroom! WOO-HOO! Perfect age group to read my little Halloween story. I offered to come in to talk to her class about it next month. I wouldn't charge for that, if she takes me up on my offer... the opportunity to get live feed back from my target audience would be INVALUABLE! I hope it all pans out!
Speaking of "Tricked," I am working on the follow-up. Just started Chapter Four. The book will be longer and more complex than the one-night terror fest that "Tricked" was. It's two years later, Patrick turns thirteen, one of his friends moves away, a girl comes into the picture... Need I say more?

Until Next Time...