I don't consider myself to be technologically challenged. Well, DIDN'T. Until I started to compile my ebook. Er, well, I tried to... with dreadful results. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!! I feel like a nincompoop. especially since the Ebook Pro manual declares it's "so easy a 6-year-old could do it!"

Anyone know of a 6-year-old for hire??

I don't understand HTML. I don't get why the example window in the manual looks nothing like what I see when I open up my ebook for editing. Why, oh, why is it saving my chapters in pieces, rather than as a whole?

I have asked myself if going with the ebook idea was a good one. Should I have just done what I've always done and self-published? I plan to do a lot of book fairs this summer. If I give potential readers a postcard with my book info, how likely will they be to follow up and go to my website to learn more?

I'm feeling very... what's the opposite of self-assured? I'm a writer, for Heaven's sake! I should be able to come up with the word! I'm having a creative, technological and emotional meltdown!

Is there an app for that???