Good news: my first confirmed event of 2011 is not far away! I'll be participating in the Liverpool NY Library's "Author Extravaganza" on Sunday, April 10 from 10AM til noon. My friends Marcus Maston and Joseph Sweet will be among the talented participants. Please come... it's free!

My revision of "Finding My Father" is complete. I am weighing the pros and cons of Outskirts versus CreateSpace. I was leaning heavily towards the latter, but I lack the technical knowledge to format the book, and they charge $299 to do it for you. Outskirts formats it for you; the cost is included in the package that you choose, but the cost of the package would be higher than $299, although it would include a lot of other perks. I also am debating which of the two publishers to use for a revised cover edition of "A Little Company." Very tough choices, and they're holding me up!!

Stay tuned for new news soon!