I had a wonderful time (and so did the Husband) at the Self Published Book Expo in NYC. There were many learning opportunities to be taken advantage of, and many experts to learn from. The only down side was that there were multiple lectures going on simultaneously, so I had to choose which ones I wanted to go to. I think I made the right choices! The freebies alone were worth the price of admission. I grabbed, literally, BAGFULS of literature and swag from The Writer Magazine, Amazon CreateSpace, Outskirts Press and SO many others! I also got to meet other writers and aspiring authors and exchange business cards and tips & pointers.

An important highlight of the weekend was when I met with editor Carla Jablonksy for a manuscript critique. Ironically, she had worked with R.L. Stine, of "Goosebumps" fame. I'd sent her a sample of Tricked, which, as you should know, is something I've marketed as geared "towards the 'Goosebumps' audience!" (How serendipitous was THAT???!!?) Anyway, she agreed my book fell into that niche, but said that her only "subtle suggestions" had to do with some of Patrick's thoughts not sounding enough like an eleven-year-old. I will take this into account when/ if I ever do a revised version, for sure! And her advice can also be applied to an upcoming book I'm working on, The Hungry Monster. The main character in this story, Brandon, is slightly younger than Patrick.

Coming soon, EXCITING, EARTH-SHATTERING news.... It has to do with my husband, a little Hawaiian boy named Peleki, and a very special musical instrument!!

Be Well,