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Self Published Book Expo

Posted by Holly Gaskin on Wednesday, October 6, 2010,
I had a wonderful time (and so did the Husband) at the Self Published Book Expo in NYC. There were many learning opportunities to be taken advantage of, and many experts to learn from. The only down side was that there were multiple lectures going on simultaneously, so I had to choose which ones I wanted to go to. I think I made the right choices! The freebies alone were worth the price of admission. I grabbed, literally, BAGFULS of literature and swag from The Writer Magazine, Amazon CreateS...
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Phone Calls (or lack thereof)

Posted by Holly Gaskin on Wednesday, September 8, 2010,
Waiting on phone calls from a bunch of people.... Leslie, my Dad's social worker, confirmation from Downtown Business Association that I definitely have a space at Black River Fall Fest, Burrville Cider Mill re: upcoming Authors' Fair, and so on and so forth. Also entered a couple of contests, and I am hoping to get good news from them. I keep on creating in the meantime, keeping on cranking out what I hope is riveting reading and a future best seller... wish me luck!!

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