Back from the Ultimate Success Event in Ottawa. Unbelievable, overwhelming, educational... SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Peggy McColl actually recognized us and called us by our first names! The Book Launch party was Friday night. Magicians, singers, raffles, etc. Pete and I were too tired to stay for the comic hypnotist! LOL...

We got to meet some wonderful authors, life coaches, motivational speakers, authors & entrepenneurs; Rich German, Steve Shapiro, Ken Brown, Joyce Bone and Norm LaPalme, to name but a few. We even got to participate in the V.I.P. luncheon... for free! I filled half a notebook up with frantically scribbled, useful information, inclusing tips, ideas, questions and things I need to work on. I took lots of video on my FlipCam and will doing something unique with it on YouTube soon. There were lots of fantastic discounts offered by the professionals to the participants, from upcoming seminars to personal coaching sessions to online classes. Hundreds, and in some cases THOUSANDS of dollars were taken off!! Do you think that THIS author could refuse such a deal??? No!!!! I will fill you in on what I am doing in an upcoming blog. I'll know more about what I've gotten myself into next week.

Of course, my biggest weakness is marketing. I think I made two good connections last night. One was Peggy's sister, Judy, who is the President of Hasmark Marketing. Then there were the identical twins, Aly and Andrea, whose business card describes them as "The Coolest Motivational Speakers EVER!" I love it!!!

The greatest thing about this seminar is that I learned a lot about myself, as far as mental blocks and "programming" from childhood, especially when it comes to money matters. I am coming to understand that I am my own biggest obstacle on the road to success. I think there was an unspoken idea in my family that money was a Man's business. My grandmother didn't even know how to write a check! My mother was always very secretive about what she had and what she spent. When she died, we discovered that she'd been TERRIBLE at managing her money and had enormous debt. As a result, I let Pete do all our finances & budgeting and I never even wante to know how much we had in the bank! Money became something to run from. From now on, I will be more involved.

SO, that is lot to digest! I will let you know my progress as it happens!

:^) Holly